AUAfrican Union General Assembly (AU)

Dear delegates,

Firstly, the African Union Chair would like to welcome you all to enjoy this committee! We do hope you will fall in love with this theme as we did and enjoy discussing about it during the conference. We just cannot wait to meet you! Well, to get you introduced about the African Union and its attributions, we will explain a little about this amazing organization.

Founded in 1963, the Organization of African Unity (OAU) was created to reinforce the struggle against the colonialism, the apartheid and the dependence on foreign countries; the mainly objective of the OAU was to unite the African nations and fight to acquire the independence from the European states.

Nevertheless, the time has brought new agendas for Africa and the OAU did not answer these new themes. For this reason, in 2002, African Union (AU) was founded, a new international organization which aimed at the promotion of democracy, human rights and economic development. Thus, the union of the African states and the cooperation between them are the goals of the new organization.

Bearing that in mind, the General Assembly of the African Union will be represented in this edition of SiNUS 2014 and you will be able to discuss the ”Access to Justice for the Poor”.

Understood as a fundamental human right, the access to justice must be improved; however, the social, economic and historical conditions of the population that live in the poverty increase the difficulties of such access to justice. The high prices of judicial system, the distance to the courts, the corruption, the gender inequalities, the lack of confidence in the formal justice system are some of the problems that the representatives of African states must discuss to bring new and effective proposals to enhance the access to justice for the poor.

Also, there are initiatives that can be useful for the struggle against the lack of access to justice as the performance of International Organizations, mainly those from the United Nations (UN) system and some domestic actions such as promoting informal justice systems that along with the formal justice system can improve the access to justice for those who live in the poverty. These initiatives will be better explained in the article and in the study guide produced by the Chair of the General Assembly of the African Union.

So, once you know what is the African Union about and what theme will be discussed during the SiNUS 2014 conference, why not to get to know the directors and assistant-directors that will compose the Chair?

Kaiutan Venerando, 20, which is one of the directors of this committee, studies International Relations at University of Brasilia (UnB). He is currently at the fifth semester and integrates the Scientific Initiation Program of the university. He has already participated in SiNUS 2013 as assistant director of the Peace building Commission. From the greatest city of São Paulo, he is a fanatic fan of São Paulo F.C. (he has never lost a single game of his team). His academic interests include History of International Relations, Brazil-Africa relations and International Relations of Africa. At his free time, he watches sports on TV (soccer, football or rugby) and good movies.

Natália Bormann, 19, is the other director of the committee and is currently at her 5th semester of International Relations at University of Brasilia. Unlike many students of her course, she was born at Brasília and is totally in love with this city! She is passionate for the administrative affairs, but is really enjoying being part of the academic staff! A girl crazy about life, kind of cute and sometimes (or at all times) methodic and always passionate about her work. At her spare time, she likes to watch Sherlock Holmes movies, to ready books about International Law, to cook, to go to the movie theater and to enjoy the sunset at the lakeside. Her academic interests include International Law, Human Rights, International Organizations, International Relations Theory and International Trade.

Tawanna Rocha Lima, 18, is one of the assistant directors and will be starting her 2nd semester in April, 2014. Studying International Relations at UnB has always been her dream, thus, she loves it! Her areas of interests are Political Science, International Organizations, Human Rights and she has a personal interest in different languages. She is an enthusiast of Model UN conferences and hopes that this passion guides her to her professional future (which remains a mystery). She likes going out with her friends and she spends her free time doing… well, she has no free time, so once she has she will tell you.

Mila Campbell, 18, is now at her 2nd semester of International Relations at University of Brasilia. She’s obviously not disappointed to have moved to Brasilia at all! Beyond her excitement with the course (she couldn’t see herself studying any other thing), she loves the mixtures and the culture opportunities the city provides to everybody. Her main academic interests are History of International Relations, Human Rights and International Politics of Developing Countries, academic areas that she aims to pursue while researching the African Union’s theme. She is curious about life, loves nature and tries to feel the real worth of each moment. Moreover, she enjoys watching movies, singing, going out to dance (party!), reading books or simply having a pleasant afternoon with her friends, eating some candies and, of course, laughing a lot!

Since you have known a little about us and about this amazing committee, we would like to tell you that we can??t wait to meet you! We are working very hard so you can have an incredible SiNUS experience. See you soon!

Hugs and kisses,
The African Union Chair

[AU] – Study Guide

[AU] - Artigo

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