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Dear Delegates,

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the executive heart of the United Nations, the Security Council of SiNUS 2014. My name is Matheus Bastos, I have 18 years of age and I??m sophomore of International Relations at the University of Brasilia. I??m quite interested in studying international security. This made me participate in more than six UNSC committees ?? as delegate and director. I participate in most of my course??s projects, defining myself as a workaholic. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading Dan Brown??s books and listening to music. Moreover, I??m a huge fan of R&B and fascinated by Australian and Japanese food. And I??m going to be your Director this year.

In addition, I must introduce you to our incredible directors. Bruno Rissi, my co-Director, is a sophomore student of International Relations at the University of Brasília as well. He comes from a small town in the countryside of São Paulo. Amongst the busy weekdays and the calm weekends, he loves staying at his place watching sitcoms as well as playing video games. Besides that, he is also a movie fanatic. His great happiness is to get to know people who are capable of making him laugh spontaneously.

Furthermore, we have Hugo Padilha, one of our assistant directors. He??s also a student of International Relations at the University of Brasilia. Born in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, he moved to Brasilia in 2007 where, eventually, he discovered the MUNs. He loves his field of study, especially security issues and with a noteworthy look to China. When not studding how countries balance their powers, he is usually playing some strategy game, his greatest fun. Hugo participated as delegate in previous SiNUS, and he is determined to make this 2014 edition the best of all.

Along with him, I may introduce you to Tomás Valim Angelo, 18 years old, who is currently accomplishing his very first semester in Economics at the University of Brasília. Having participated three times in SiNUS as a delegate while in high school (I actually have not only modeled with Tomás, but also been his director in the 2013 edition), it is his distinctive pleasure to come back now as a staff member to make the 2014 edition even better this year. In his very limited free time, he says, Tomás enjoys hanging out with his friends and getting to know more about economic matters.

Last but not least, we have Rafael Bitter, 20 years old, who will also be your assistant director. He was born in São José dos Campos and he??s moved to Brasília to study International Relations at the University of Brasilia. Moreover, he??s really into international security, especially regarding Arab issues. In spite of the academic environment, he loves to dance, read, listen to all kinds of music, play the guitar and to do magic tricks for everybody.

We are flattered to introduce to all of you UNSC??s current theme, which will address a part of the history of Western Sahara, comprising from its inconclusive decolonization to present days. Acknowledged as the ??last colony??, Western Sahara is wrapped by a great number of deadlocks that require a huge effort in order to be settled.

These stalemates vary from international recognition to human security. Yet, very little has been made. As a rule, the committee will bring up for discussion relevant points to the international community such as the self-determination of peoples and the non-interventionist action whilst they are related to Western Sahara??s circumstances.

Bearing this in mind, the UNSC will scrutinize the aforementioned subject in order to bring peace and stability to the region.Last, but not least, we are looking forward to meeting all of you on such an important discussion. Not to mention that you??ll be joining the almighty committee of the United Nations.

Sincerely Yours,
United Nations Security Council Directors

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